Saturday, July 25, 2009

Corrected Stats

Finally I found a tape measure and can give you the correct stats for Golden Eye...

Finished dimensions : 60 inches square

I answered this question in the comments, but thought it would be worthwhile to put it here as well.....Did I like knitting the alpaca?

Honestly it is a yes and no answer. I thought the silk blend in with it helped with the texture of the yarn, but the ply on this one is fairly loose and I don't really watch my knitting as closely as I probably should so I ran into several areas where I had only knit through or with one of the plies instead of both.

Now that it is done...yes I love it. This shawl is very light, very airy, just enough bloom to feel snuggly and just enough silk to catch the light. Of course, most of that is probably the pattern - I can't help myself, I just love what Andrea of BadCat Designs creates.


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Amanda said...

That's a great size. I recently acquired some alpaca silk and wonder how it will knit.