Sunday, November 3, 2013

What is the opposite of Green Sweater?

I mentioned a while back that I was working my way through my Christmas Knitting, starting early this year!  I am really glad I started as early as I did!

The First Brother's Red Henley is folded and waiting patiently to be worn.

The Other Brother's Green sweater turned into a nightmare!

I pretty much stick to the same recipe every time I knit a sweater anymore.  Start at the top, work my way down, try on periodically to check for sizing. But this time, actually both times in this instance, I started by (almost) following a bottom up, knit in the round to the armholes, knit the sleeves separately, pattern.

TFB's went well enough, a little snugger across the chest than I had planned for but he liked the fit, so all was good.

TOB's didn't go well from the start!  I cast on the required number of stitches for the front and back, joined in the round and knit many inches, all the while a little voice in the back of my head telling me "It's a little wide, don't you think?"  I successfully ignored that voice until it was time to join in the sleeves and start some raglan shaping, when I finally measured the thing.  TOB is  a bit wider than TFB, but not that much and a 50 inch chest size was going to be huge on him, so I frogged it all and started again using smaller needles and less stitches.

Body done, and the right width this time, I cast on for sleeves.  That little voice was whispering to me again, "A little long, maybe?" but I, again, ignored her and joined the sleeves in anyway, justifying that it had been a long time since I knit bottom up, I had just forgotten how long sleeves felt when they were knit without a body attached to them.

Having fudged the number of stitches around I had to fudge the neck shaping too, but after a few knit throughs ended with what I thought was a well shaped, fitted sweater.  And then I had him try it on!

Those sleeves were not a "little" long!  They were 8 inches too long!

Now as anyone who has knit ribbing knows, it only unravels in one direction, so just snipping the cuff and pulling out the knitting was not going to work at all.  After all the fudging and reknitting I was not about to unravel the entire yoke section of the sweater, so instead I carefully cut off the offending sleeves, picked up my stitches and worked in the other direction down to the cuff.

Success at last, or so I thought, until that little voice piped up again, "you might have cut too much, those sleeves look a little short now, don't they?" she asked.  Of course she was right and I had to snip and pull and pick up all over again!

For a really plain, boring to knit, 6 by 2 broken rib sweater there has been an awful lot of work involved in this one!  So much that I have to ask...

What is the opposite of a green sweater?

Maybe some red fingerless gloves?

 I am itching to find a new project, but inspiration seems to have eluded me!  Any ideas on what I should knit next?


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