Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finally She Knits Some Socks

Oh to have more time in my life for the things I want to put in it, rather than the things that have forced their way, unwelcomed through the door, or worse yet the ones that steal into my mind and have my thoughts spinning in never ending negative spirals.

Sometimes I feel like everyone is telling me to do the next thing, when in my mind I am screaming "But I wasn't done yet!" like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum about the last thing that I had on my list, but somehow, somewhere I managed to steal a little time for knitting.....


There is something about self patterning yarn that captures my heart.  All I have to do is knit around and around and around and something special looking comes off my needles.  The match is not "exactly perfect" but certainly close enough!

And more fingerless mitts.

I might make a hat to go with these and throw them in a gift bag  The moss stitch and ribbing up the sides of the hands make them stretchy enough to fit me and someone with much bigger hands.  Very loosely based on Treads these knit up super fast, with nice long wrist bits to make sure that there isn't a gap between your coat sleeve and the mitt.  I think a teenager would love to stand at the bus stop texting in them!

I have made some small progress on TDQ's cloak,

This is the original picture and now it looks just like that but bigger!

And, although you can't see it here, enough yarn to keep me busy any time I am not busy doing something else.

Guess I am not doing so badly after all if I have FO's to show!

But as they say "Winter is coming" and where winter comes, Christmas can't be far behind......I have a lot more knitting to do!


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