Sunday, August 18, 2013

What I can't do???

Every now and then, I will charge off to do "something"* and someone will feel the need to tell me "But, you can't do that!"  The emphasis is sometimes on You with the suggestion that for whatever reason it is something that is beyond my capabilities, or that I can't do because, well, shhhh don't tell anyone, but...I'm a girl, or because the general consensus is that whatever I have decided to go charging off and do isn't possible.

Sometimes those naysayers are right and I can't do what I set out to, or how I planned on doing it didn't work out, or I just need some help to get it done. (The real repair on the water line in the basement for one.)

Sometimes though, sometimes I amaze people when I actually do what they said couldn't be done!

Do you remember this thread in my collection of yarns I showed the other week?

It is a machine embroidery thread, nylon/acrylic mix, very shiny and VERY, VERY thin.

I might have mentioned that I liked the idea of making a teeny, tiny little doily out of something like that.

The naysayers told me it couldn't be done.  That knitting with sewing thread was an impossible task and I would go crazy.....funny I didn't know that you could go crazier than I already am!.....but I had to try.
The naysayers were almost right!  Trying to knit with that VERY, VERY thin thread on size 00000 needles was very nearly an impossible task and you can tell by the wonkiness of that doily I haven't quite mastered the technique, but I have proved it is possible.

But next time I think that sewing thread will be cotton, much more appropriate for a doily and the needles will be a touch bigger, say a 000 rather than 5 zeros. (For those of you on metric the 000 is 1.5mm and the 00000 is 1.0mm)

Hard to tell on the needles (and yes there is a reason I am using a circular needle, I kept dropping an entire needles worth of stitches using my double points for this!) but here is attempt two and knitting with sewing thread!

I may not be able to feel that thread over my fingers, but so long as I keep a close eye on what my fingers are doing.....I should finish this one tonight and maybe share with you next week!

The pattern is Harvest Doily, by one of my favorite designers, Andrea or BadCat Designs.  Part of the discussion that was held before starting this project was about things to do with doilies.  Andrea has been spending a lot of time deconstructing antique doily patterns and turning them into the basis for some of her shawl patterns, which is one use, and another friend plans on making one to sew onto the back of a jean jacket for her niece.  You can hang them on Christmas Trees and in windows as sun-catchers, put them under things like candle sticks, although I think I am aiming for something small enough to be framed and hung on the wall as art!  My blocking skills might need some improvement before doing that, but with a 30 round pattern I am sure I can give myself lots of practice!

As an added bonus, the distraction is keeping me from the boring parts of TFB's Christmas Sweater!  A little sewing and some buttons and it will be done, but there is no rush, Christmas is still months away!


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