Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I said there would be pictures!

Finally some FinishItUpus has hit at Chez Yarn Diet!

We just won't mention that there was a little bit more startitis to go with them!  Because, really what is a few extra projects on the needles between friends?

First we have the Anniversary Mystery Shawl that I knit with some of Lara's Creations fabulous yarn!  If you haven't had the chance to take a look at some of her ColourWaves you really should, they are gradient yarns at their very best!
No clunky color changes, but they will drive you crazy if you ever decide to knit until the next color, because you will never see them coming!

Second we have an adaptation of Pierina Shawl by Anna Dalvi.
 I took a triangle shawl and turned it into a square baby blanket and went with a single color of yarn through out.
As written the pattern is a two tone shawl and I plan on making another blanket using two tones, but I wasn't sure which colors the mom to be would want for this one so went with a plain white acrylic yarn and then killed it with my steam cleaner.

I really like the edge on this one!

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Amanda said...

Mary you are a wonder. The shawl and the blanket are both gorgeous. And those colour changes are spectacular.