Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Fickleness Goes On and on and on....

Maybe it is the weather, cold and snowy, or maybe it is my inability to focus on one thing until I am finished with it, but I played around with lots of yarn this week, but have nothing to show for it!

What I especially don't have to show for it is any progress on the Tardis Plushie.  It is exactly as when you last saw it...well now the yarn is crammed inside it, but you get the point!

I did rip the cotton yarn off the outside of one of the blanket squares I had made and replaced it with wool,

then finished up one more square and started the fourth.

The second Water for the Elephants sock still isn't cast on, but I managed to cast on a "foot oven" (scroll to the bottom of the post) 
I don't like the yarns I am using, too much contrast, so I will stash dive again to come up with a more pleasing color combo...which still doesn't get WftE knit!

And, well I played around with that cotton yarn a little bit more and actually followed someone elses pattern for a square.
 I think that could end up being my next baby blanket knit - this one for a baby that isn't expected to arrive years and years from now, but much sooner.  I have a variation on that pattern in mind, we will see if I can actually make it work!

I think in all this "startitus" my fingers are trying to tell me that I am looking for a certain if I could just have my mind catch up and figure out what it is I might pair that "startitus" with some "finishitupus"!


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Amanda said...

I like you colour play.