Sunday, July 22, 2012

I had a post title in mind

Earlier today, when I was folding laundry I had a thought, which led to another thought and by the time the clothes were all in their respective owners basket I had a great idea for a blog post title!

Wish I could remember what it was now.

It has been the usual whirlwind of a week around here, work, kids, more work, some knitting, weeding the veggies, which only made it easier for the rabbits to find the perfect ones to eat!  I have been winding yarn ready for the ColourMart Scrap Set Challenge.  Two of the five skeins behaved like little angels, wound nicely into cakes of yarn ready to knit, the third I tried...well she was determined to be 50 little bitty balls of yarn.  I have given the last two a stern talking to and will wind them later this evening, or tomorrow! I still haven't quite decided what to knit, although there are a few ideas bouncing around in my empty head!

Chart B of Sangria, the Bad Cat Designs Summer Project was released today.  I finished up the repeats of Chart A just in time, but promptly got side tracked doing other things so I haven't actually started Chart B yet!

As a reminder, I am using Starlight from Lara's Creations in Sangria, with itty, bitty, gold tone beads for highlights for the triangle shawl.
I could have stopped Chart A here, but I went on and knit the two additional repeats to bring me to this :
You can almost see the beads in these pictures but not too much of the design, there are twisted stitches that will really blossom when this piece is blocked.  I can't wait to see it.

In fact, I couldn't wait so much that I might have cast on another one, as a square blanket, and I might have pulled it out and stuck a bunch of pins in it to get a better look!
Not the most perfect center start in the world, but good enough for a baby blanket!

To quote a favorite knitting designer of mine, I have to run so I can "Knit On!"


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Amanda said...

I knew you would be doing a square as well! Both look fabulous.