Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bet you expected more!

After all those finished objects in rapid succession, I am sure you expected more than one half a pair of fingerless gloves from me today!  Truth be told, there has been some knitting, of the hidden variety, and some not knitting, of the collecting up stuff we don't use any more variety, and lots of working, at the paying job variety.  There has been some swatching and some early nights when the drugs of the make you stop shaking variety kicked in with a vengeance.  (There is good news on that front, I picked up some lace weight today and didn't drop it!  Cast on for something even!)

For Christmas I got some Berocco Ultra Alpaca Tonal (Colorway Ura) in a box marked Mandarin Orange Segments!  The non-knitter who gave it to me even had it wound up into balls.  After a brief discussion about how she didn't want or need anything from it I went to work to figure out how to get as many things out of this yarn as possible (That way TDQ and I would get something like the non-knitter wanted and the non-knitter could get a surprise too!)  First up some really warm fingerless mitts for TDQ.  I am making up the pattern as I go along, maybe I will write it down when I am finished if you are interested in knitting some for yourself.  :)

So, not even really a finished object to show you...but stay tuned, the second clue of the mystery sock is out, I just haven't knit it yet because more importantly the first charts to Sugar Plum Fairy are out too! My first lace project in months and I can't wait to be finished the chart to share with you!  If you haven't joined the party there is still time, many people in the group are still waiting for yarn or beads to arrive and anyway, knowing me, if you are late to the party and want someone to knit with you I might just have to cast on another one so I can join you.

In the meantime, I have some lace knitting to do, lace knitting that is making me happy!


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Amanda said...

Those mitts are looking good. I have joined the Sugarplum but have no idea when I will be able to start as I have over committed myself - again! But I have been watching closely and it is looking great. Good news on the shaking hand front!