Sunday, January 22, 2012

And still she dazzles with the lack of knitting!

Before we talk about knitting, what to me was a funny story from earlier today.  It is TDQ's birthday in just a few short days and I was asking her what she wanted for her birthday dinner.  You know that sly look that only teenage girls can get?  Well she got it and peering at me through those sly little eyes asked "Are birthday's ten percent days?"  (We eat really healthy food 90% of the time, the other 10% if we want pancakes with syrup for dinner or a hot dog at a sporting event, I am good with that, but the "junk" food days cannot exceed 10% of our eating.)  I replied that of course birthdays are  ten percent days expecting to hear some kind of fast food or apple pie as the request, instead I got. "Can we have those Ramen noodles with veggies added?"  Not that noodles are the healthiest thing on the menu, but I think she missed the point of our ten percent rule!

But on to knitting, or lack thereof.

First up, a project that has been on my needles since September of 2011 is almost finished!  And not because it was complex, or particularly big, just got shoved to the bottom of the WIP pile as the baby it is intended for shouldn't arrive for another couple of months!

Stor Lysedug is actually a doily pattern from Yarn Over, translated from a Danish pattern.
I am nearly, oh so very nearly, done with the knitting but then I will need to wash, pin and kill the acrylic so not something that can truly be finished until next weekend.
Halfway through casting off  there!  I did play fast and loose with the materials, going for a fingering weight yarn rather than thread and ever increasing needle sizes to get something that was big enough for a baby rather than a side table!

Next up....

Chart 2 of Sugar Plum Fairy  This is the full circle version, but already too many stitches to spread it out so you can see the whole least on these needles!
Third up is the beginnings of a scarf thing for TDQ, I plan on making it just long enough to wrap around her neck and button there.
(Along with the cup rings from earlier can you ignore the left over splaters of paste I didn't notice until I took this picture?  It may sound like fun to make your own pinata  but TDQ needs to learn to keep the paste where it belongs!)

Judging by how far this yarn has gone so far I should be able to get myself a small scarf out of it too, this one is to go with the fingerless gloves for a certain girl's birthday.

Fail of the week was my mystery socks, I never did get the heels knit and today the last section of the pattern was published.  Drat, I could have had them done in time for that birthday!

So what is on your needles?


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Amanda said...

The TDQ story made me smile. Love all that knitting but I know what's it like not being able to quite finish. I'm in that boat at the moment.