Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And some more....

So the time has come to add some details to the pictures from yesterday and that other one that snuck in above!

SugarPlumFairy by Bad Cat Designs.  If you belong to Ravelry you really should take a look at some of the fabulous projects that have been started, and not just the SPF Shawls that are starting to appear.  As is usual, Andrea - the brains behind BadCatDesigns- has offered up a side project, that for once I have not cast on for!

My versions of the shawl are both knit in ColourMart 2/30 Merino, above the semi-circle is knit in violet and the one from yesterday is in pale slate.  The pictures are both under artificial light and really do not accurately represent the true colors I am knitting in.

I still haven't picked up the mystery sock, plenty of time before Sunday to get them knit, right?

Not to mention a lovely bank holiday coming up, I might just have to cast on for the Foot Oven's that TDQ thinks will look and feel lovely in the yarn I got for Christmas!


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Amanda said...

Not one but two! You sure know how to do it! Love that colour.