Thursday, October 27, 2011

There are days when I really wonder.

In the never ending saga of trying to make Mary feel better, doctors have yet again, upped and changed some of her "stupid pills".  So far the jury is still out as to if they do anything other than make her stupid, you should ask my team about "Oh wow, she did a Mary!" or "I am hot, or cold, one of them, not sure which yet."  All this week I have wondered if it is even worth getting out of bed and trying to start my day.

Today I had proof, positive proof, that I would have been better off just not.....

Behold, seven stripes into a boring to knit, striped hoodie sweater for the first twin.

So far, so good right?  Making pretty good progress on it and it looks good so far, even stitches, no gaps at the increases.

Now take a look at the next ball of yarn.

Um, Houston, we have a problem, those are different colors!  Well, actually the same color, just very different dyelots.

Oh well, on second thought I think I wanted slightly wider stripes anyway, might as well just start over!
On that note, I am even further behind on my Christmas knitting!
(TDQ looked over my shoulder and asked me if a YarnDiet is a good diet?  But of course it is, lots of fiber!!!)

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Amanda said...

AAARrgghhh! Virtual hugs for you.