Thursday, September 2, 2010

Side tracked by Side Projects

She did it again!

In this case, I mean that TDQ absconded with one of my test knits!

Presenting : Falling Leaf Cowl from one of my favorite designers BadCat Designs.

This was my first time using any of Art Yarns products, and I have to thank the Bad Cat herself for sharing the yarn with me for the test knit. Pictures on their website do not do this yarn justice, it is just as soft and drapey as you could wish for, that flash of sheen from the silk and gentle halo from the mohair both look and feel fabulous!
There are little beads sprinkled throughout the design, placed with a crochet hook so no struggling with pushing beads down your yarn.

And just a few larger beads towards the end, added sparkle and just enough weight to help hold those edges down where they belong.
The breeze is doing its best to lift those edges!

Parting words from The Drama Queen :

Take a good look, this is all you get to see, it is mine now!


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Amanda said...

Oh wow you and Andrea are really excelling this year. Another beauty!