Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to spend a weekend

The Drama Queen wanted to welcome you to Young's Jersey Dairy! She climbed up here in the hopes of distracting her mother...who wants to go over there!
Do you see those tents behind that tree? Like King Tut's tomb they contain wonderful things!
But, we had better look at the gourds and pumpkins for sale and maybe play for a bit too!

How big can you be and still play in the bounce house or ride the "train"?

Oops, Mom is just barely too tall!
Never mind, other people can ride while Mom dreams of yarny things...

A brief stop to watch the sheep shearing (pic didn't come out well) and a dog herding ducks!
The Drama Queen wants to get Angora Bunnies, but I think that the dog and all four cats might have something to say about that...although this one is very cute.
I left TDQ in charge of the camera while I shopped and loaded up my pack mules (Dear Son Number One and Number Two) funny how with all the wonderful things to see I could only find pictures of bunnies in my camera when we finally got too hot and tired to stay any longer.

Looks like some sock yarn came home with me! Along with some earrings and cheddar cheese. We all snacked on ice-cream while we were there. If only I had packed a cooler in the car we might have been able to bring some home with us...I settled for this load instead!

The Drama Queen got a couple of little things as well!
Everyone agrees, if they have A Wool Gathering next year, we are going!


Amanda said...

Looks like a great day and I like all those pretties that followed you home!

BadCatDesigns said...

What a fun day! Tell TDQ I especially like the one of her on the tractor...