Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You were expecting knitting content?

I know you keep hearing this from me, but seriously there has been a ton of knitting going on! I am counting down the days until I can post pictures of it all, but in the meantime rather than knitting content let's talk about designing.

Actually, let's back this up a little.

The ColourMart Lovers group on Ravelry is having a little bit of a contest. From May 20th to July 20th you pick your challenge. There are several categories : Super Sweaters, Lace Garden, Newbie projects, Shawls...you get the idea. The only criteria are that you have to finish in the allotted time frame and you have to use ColourMart Yarn.

disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with ColourMart, man oh man I wish I was, and seriously with the alter to Richard's yarns I have going on, I should be affiliated....but the views here are just from a satisfied, I keep going back and buying more and more, customer.

If you have not tried ColourMart yarn you should. Buying by the cone is very economical and the selection is second to none with the customer service being even better.

I have tried their cashmere, merino, silk, cotton and several blends and yet to be disappointed with my selections. Which is a long winded way of getting to my point, one of the categories in this contest is for designing your own ColourMart project and I am in desperate need of a new cardigan.

In my head I know what my perfect cardigan looks like, long enough to keep me warm, light enough to not cook me, cables here and lace bits there, buttons, but only the ones I really would do up with a V neck and tight cuffs.

Over the next few weeks, in addition to test knitting and mystery knitting I will be designing my very own cardigan and just so that I don't feel all alone in my efforts I am going to share with you every step of the way! And it will be in the yarn pictured way up there!

Now, just to make sure you are still with me, check out this post on the BadCat's website, it will be one of the things keeping me busy this summer! Won't you join us?


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Amanda said...

Wow designing your own cardi - I can't wait. And I agree ColourMart is pretty good. I have several cones demanding my attention at the moment.