Thursday, May 27, 2010

I know it is nearly June but...

Presenting one pair of April Challenge Socks...the others can't been shown just yet, but I am finally catching up to my two pair a month challenge!! Yay!!

These are Lighthouse Gansey Socks from Knitty. but heavily modified to fit the legs and feet of a scrawny, very soon to be 11 year old, son number 1. Son number 2 still has not finalized his "for real" sock choice and having cast on and frogged something like 4 different designs I think he also needs to pick new yarn.

Ok, for the stats"

Lighthouse Gansey modified as follows: Cast on 56 stitches, ignore several of the non-gansey diamond motif stitches from the chart, reduce heel row count, after gusset continue in pattern with 57 stitches until toe. Clear as mud?
Sensations Bamboo and Ewe yarn in Red
Size 1 US needles

My cardigan design is moving along, several frog sessions and I think that I might finally have a bodice! :)



Amanda said...

Great socks! Good luck with the cardi. I hope more knitting than frogging is occurring.

Annie said...

Nice socks!
For the next pair: isn't it hard to make choices, even (or especially) when you're a child...