Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back

First things first...the closet is nearly complete. All I need now are some brackets to attach additional shelves above the hanging clothes. I completely forgot to get any when I was getting the new system. :)

Clue 5 of Mystic Ice is complete, I am half way through clue 6 but she is too big to photo on the needles. :(

Now for the looking back.....

My only New Years Resolution for 2008 was to finish everything I started. Now, I allowed for complete frogging of projects that just weren't going to work, but only took that option a couple of times. Otherwise I did do fairly well, glancing through the blog there were a lot of FO's to talk about, several LARGE knit alongs, tons of socks (some of which never made it here before they made it onto the feet they belonged to), scarves, sweaters.....all in all I believe that there are only three that haven't been completed. Slow Bee 2 fell to printer issues, I tried just working off the computer and messed her up...she still waits for the corrections, my Mandala that was to be a large baby-blanket for a friend who ended up not having the baby and the green sweater for Dear Son number 2. Potentially all three will get finished.

It was a busy year for me, changing jobs, homeschooling twins, household repairs, several visits from Ex-husband, trips to zoos, science centers, concerts, monthly habits that I worked on (some for several months during the year). All in all I think that I can say that 2008 was a pretty good year!

Today is the day that many people in this world reflect on their failings and start new plans for the coming year. I would prefer to reflect on the successes.

What was good this year for you???

Happy New Year!


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Amanda said...

Great work on the closet. And having followed you blog for a while now I know just how productive you've been. My year has just been good in general. The main stand out has been a closer involvement with the virtual knitting community - such a delight and one I intend to keep up.
Happy New Year!