Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogger has been trying my nerves

Mystic Ice clue 3, yes LAST weeks has been done for a couple of days, but blogger was sending my pictures to no-where again! This design really does remind me of Mystic Waters, which still ranks right up there in the top of my list of favorite patterns to knit!!!! Clue 4 came out on Monday and I am progressing through it.

Two more pairs of socks are on needles, one pair for me which don't need to be complete for Christmas. I have been so busy knitting them for everyone else that I thought I deserved the treat of some warm socks too.

The secret knitting was fabulous! No pics to share with you, yet, but maybe one day I will post them. Of course the reward for a job well done was some more secret knitting....maybe I will get that cast on tomorrow. :)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Oh you are a tease! That blue looks perfect for your Mystic Ice. Its looking good.