Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If it's Wednesday we must be....

Talking about WIPs!

Although you might have noticed some finished objects in the Sunday is all about the things that are on my needles, both being actively worked on...and maybe relegated to a corner of my desk while I swatch a thing or two!

First up a shawl.  This poor lady waited all through January to get cast on...the charting and writing was already roughly done when I got distracted by another series of projects.

She's a bit further along than this now, but....some swatches jumped the queue!  (She will be leaving me nasty notes soon, I am sure as I can already hear her softly grumbling in the background!.)
Before you ask..the yarn is Unplanned Peacock BFL in Ferrus.

Next up a small swatch (child sized) that had me playing with decreases and double thick cowl designing.  Now that (at least child sized) the bugs are worked out, I just need to add it to the official queue and decide on the right yarn for it.
Swatch was done in Valley Yarns Charlemont, which I love dearly but is a touch to drapey for what I want for this one!

And then...having been talking about stitch mount and why it matters in a couple of groups and on IG....some twisted stitches in a nice cheerful yellow jumped on my needles

Catch you on Friday, when maybe I will talk more about those baby blankets!


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