Friday, March 9, 2018

Baby Blankets!


You saw the pictures already, so I suppose it is time to talk about the baby blankets in the Silent Sunday post!

A friend of mine and his girlfriend are expecting their son in early April...of course when you have a knitter as a friend, hand knits are the usual gift you expect!  And when that knitting friend is a designer...well you get original designs!

Both of these blankets have several features in common.

They are both center out squares.

They both have diamonds and a variation on a smocked stitch (more about that in a couple of months!) and both end with a border that is supposed to look like tassels...but each of those is different.

So first up the teal one:
Yarn - Elan Callista. has long been discontinued!  It is a cotton/linen/rayon blend so should work well in the washer and dryer!
Needles US 4 (3.5 mm)
And I would tell you how big it is, but I forgot to measure it before I put it in the gift bag!

Next we have a larger, more complex white acrylic one...
This is knit in Bernat Baby

This one was also knit on US 4's and again, wasn't measured, but it is the larger of the two pieces and includes some twisted stitches and some additional smocking
along with deeper, wider tassles.

The questions I have been fielding from the people who have seen them are all along a similar vein...Is there a which I have to answer No, I designed them myself...followed by Will there be a which I also have to answer..No.

Elements from both of these blankets will find their way into published designs...but the blankets like the friends I gave them to, and their child to be...are one of a kind.


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