Sunday, December 22, 2013


It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks...we had snow and icy roads, followed by warm weather and flooding.  Kids with final exams that ended six hours before the bus could pick them up!  Christmas preparations to get rolling, and packages to be put together.  All the early Christmas Parties are over, one I had to sing at...TWICE! and I am really glad that we are down to only going to the things I really want to go to.  But even with all that going on the kids and I found some new Christmas music that we enjoyed.

But it is time for a reality check.... what day is it?  The twenty second?!?!??!?

And I am.......

As ready as I am going to get.

All the Christmas knitting is finished.

 Blocking shot of the cape that TDQ assured me would in no way be ready for Christmas!

I even snuck in an extra pair of mitts to go to a random gift exchange at one of the schools.  The mitts were to fool someone into thinking they weren't getting a full ten dollar gift (which was the rule in this particular game) but hidden inside them was a gift card to iTunes, which I am assured is a favorite of many too, I spent far too much money there getting music for my iPod.

TOB even got into the knitting act and knit a scarf for one of the many people who have the unfortunate job of teaching him.

All my employee gifts are packaged and even sitting in my office (or car in the case of one) ready to be handed to people the last time I see them before the official holiday. Pictures and stats for those will be forthcoming, just not yet!

Packages that needed to be mailed are in the mail.

And my kitchen seems to have been gutted, again!

But, all things considered, I think that this evening I am going to put a movie in the BlueRay player, make myself a nice cup of coffee, cast on something that has nothing to do with Christmas and enjoy some knitting time, all while feeling very smug.

I deserve it!


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