Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where are my stitches at?

Really slow knitting week around Chez Yarn Diet.  I am dying to cast on for my American Brilliant, but need to get one project, at least!, off the needles first, and if you recall I had a bad case of startitus in the few days it took my yarn to arrive.

I am almost exactly at the half way point of the circular portion of my Opposite Pole.  I should be much further along, but I kept getting distracted.

I am a few rows further into the free form cardigan, this has been my lunch time knitting as it is mostly brainless - a little counting involved, I don't want to miss dividing for sleeves - and easily picked up and put down.  It will go a bit faster after I throw the sleeve stitches onto waste yarn.  The plan is to knit to the waist, cut the yarn, knit the sleeves and see how long I can make it.  The yarn is from the stash that I was gifted last summer and not something I would ever stand a chance of matching. (My understanding is it had been stored in a house for a number of years and before that stored at an early education/child care center for even more years.)

Finally there is the baby blanket that is my tv knitting...which as I watch about an hour of tv a week means very little knitting gets done on it.  I am about half way through the border chart, but I will probably add some more rows just to bring it up to the size I want before starting the edging. Funny, when I cast on I forgot how much knitting is involved in edging....seems like I always do!

Kids are starting to get excited for next weekend, when we journey off to my "yarn thing".  It looks like there will be some interesting vendors there, hopefully I can find some wonderful things to share with you when we get back.



Cindy/KS said...

As if I didn't have enough with trying to get 2 shawls & 6 pairs of socks finished before Christmas & maybe a sweater that is partially done - I added in a crocheted tablecloth that I swore I wasn't going to start until January, but did anyway.

Amanda said...

You are making progress. And its just as well we always forget how long edging takes otherwise we would never knit them! Have fun at your yarn thing.