Saturday, May 23, 2009


I still don't have a camera, but that is ok most of what I have been knitting lately needs to be kept under wraps for a few more weeks. :)

The Drama Queen had a field trip with her choir yesterday - along with a competition they all got to go to Cedar Point. It was a very long day for her, getting to school at 5 am and then not getting home til well gone 11 pm. Today she slept late and got up with a pink nose. Obviously sunscreen doesn't last that many hours.

Only a week more of school and all three of my children will be home all day for summer vacation. Hopefully I can get the biggest of the garden chores done this weekend so that we can do the fun stuff over the summer.


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Amanda said...

Looking forward to seeing that secret knitting. Autumn is drawing to a close here and winter is fast approaching. Time for cozy fires and lots of knitting.