Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you give a Hoot

Now, hopefully someone who is a little bit of an eco-freak and who happens to be doing a field study involving birds in Ohio doesn't read this blog. If you happen to be her and are....forget you ever saw this, and it probably isn't for you anyway!!!

Stats :

Cascade Ecological Wool Just over 1 skein. (They are big, go check them out!)
Size 10 and 10.5 US circular needles
Modifications - none.

This is a fabulous pattern, even if the long stretch of plain knit rounds was a little boring - made great movie watching knitting though!- and it knits up very quickly.
I still need to find buttons for the owls eyes and it hasn't been blocked yet, but Christmas is a long way away. :)



MarieAngel said...

Gorgeous! :)I'd try to find some vintage mother of pearl buttons. Those would look really cool as eyes since they have a certain iridescence about them.

I made a hat for my husband using the Owl pattern and off-white yarn. He adores it. First time I've seen him get excited over a winter hat. That's how nice it looks.

Amanda said...

That looks great. I'm so tempted to knit that pattern.