Thursday, November 5, 2015

I suppose I should find it funny

So, let's get the knitting content out of the way first, shall we?

Did you know that the wonderous Andrea Jurgrau, first known to me just as Bad Cat Designs has a new pattern out?  No plain shawls this time around, it is a center back out cardigan, and let me tell you it is fabulous.  If only I had time this week to work on it!

Of course, I had to cast on right away and got through the first couple of charts before other things had to take the front burner and leave the poor thing whimpering in my knitting bag. I have promised her that on Monday she will get some of my attention!

 I don't think I mentioned that I wrote up and published another knitting pattern.  Maybe I did and forgot about it.

Shield Socks.

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry, no account needed!

But on to what I found funny this week.

In case you didn't know, I have been around the block a few times.  Maybe even a few times too many, and although my children as still (barely in one case) teenagers, I am much older now than my mother was when she became a grandmother, so no spring chickens here.

For years I have known that somewhere in my learning to sew I learned to cross stitch and needle point backwards.  As in the threads that I work with,  cross the opposite direction to the way they are supposed to when I am finished.  And I know, that if I concentrate really hard on it I can turn it around, but as soon as my mind wanders and I set my fingers to automatic sewing back I go to the backwards sewing.

For years I have known that I work the purl stitch differently than the people who taught me, and the way most American knitting patterns are written - what you call a slip-slip-knit (ssk) I perform as a knit two together (k2tog) and I adapt everything I do so that my backwards shaping doesn't ruin the line of a raglan sleeve or have lace leaning in the wrong directions.  (The beauty of charted knitting, just follow the lean of the symbols and it all works out no matter if we call it a k2tog or an ssk.)

But today, today I learned of yet another thing I do backwards.

Apparently, I even tie slip knots backwards!

I suppose I should find it funny.  Maybe everything I thought I know how to do, I do backwards.  It would explain an awful lot of crazy things!


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