Sunday, July 6, 2014

Whomsoever thought

Whomsoever thought that working on back to back blankets with knitted on edging was a good idea, obviously had not met me!

Over the past few weeks I have found lots and lots of ways to NOT work on the edging of the Fractals In Pink Baby Blanket.

I have cleaned out cupboards, alphabetized spices, made doughnuts,

planned many other projects and in short, done just about everything to avoid working on the edge of the blanket that is meant for a baby that is due to arrive this month!

Of course, it doesn't make getting knitting time any easier when the work load is increased, the staffing is decreased and the light at the end of the tunnel...well if not quite the train it certainly wasn't the other end, yet!

Today I resolved to just get the blanket finished, and for once, I did exactly what I told myself to do.

Presenting Fractals in Pink a slight variation on Fractured Fractals.

This time around a three needle bind off was used to join the center squares and the contrast color was the white.  I still added the lateral braid (the thing is a pain to work, but I think it gives a nice finished edge to the squares and the border.) I hope that the Mom and baby get many enjoyable moments with this one!


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