Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yet again, the blog fell by the wayside!

Time keeps flying past me, it seems like the "to do" list gets more and more things pushed off until that vague time of "later" and I am left prioritizing things into the "I have to get this done" and "The deadline is today, I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE" groups.

As seems to be the normal, summer coming brought staffing changes and my team of 6, including myself, is a team of 4 now, including myself.  Just in time for the summer teaching schedule to start (we teach more classes in the summer than the winter) and festival season to start (where we have tables to staff).  Add to that all the end of school year stuff and I have been running in six different directions at once and trying to do the work of three people at the paying job!

Each day, to keep my sanity, I get a little bit of knitting done, but sometimes that little bit is 20 stitches of an edging.

Luckily there are unblogged knits to talk about first!

As I have said before, Andrea Jurgrau's book The New Vintage Lace, has lots of really nice patterns in it.  Something for every knitter, from those who want hats to those who want to work on intricate lace. 

This time around I am going to share Cherry Blossom Stole. Fancy lace on the edges, a more simple repetitive lace in the middle, which makes it a good travel piece because you can easily memorize the middle.

I knit mine in Jade Sapphire's Lacey Lamb in blue, so I called it Frozen Cherry Blossom on my project page!  Lacey Lamb is an amazing yarn to block and holds it blocking beautifully when it is taken off the pins. 

But, back to the 20 stitches at a time, the Fractured Fractal is finally getting it's edging!  I do a good job of forgetting just how much knitting is involved in edging a blanket, and this one should be fairly quick because it is a baby blanket, but the edging still seems to go on forever!
 I decided to end the border the same way I did the individual squares, which I think turned out pretty well.

As an experiment I had cast on another one, in pink and white, slightly finer yarn, and handled the joining differently but kept the lateral braid at the end of each square.  Again, four center squares, but rather than grafting the pieces together I tried a three needle bind off.  I need to get some work done of this one, the baby it is supposed to wrap up is due this month!

Well, that is all my blogging time for the day!  Until next time, in the words of Andrea...

Knit on!


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