Sunday, October 17, 2021

In times to come


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Time Won't Get Me Time....Not Silent

I think I mentioned that TDQ's workplace changed locations...while it adds 23 miles per day to our carpooling with TOB because of the route it actually gets us home between 8 and 12 minutes earlier each day.

Which might not sound like a lot, but, as any knitter knows those minutes stacked together can add up to a blanket, sweater, shawl or pair of socks before you know it.

But what I have done with those minutes?  Thought about doing things and not actually done any of the things!

What things? You might ask...first questioned if anyone is listening or if I am just talking into the void. And if I am just talking into the void do I want to change that?

Second, if I want to change that...what would anyone be interested in?

A conversation that I had with one of my friends about garter tab starts to shawls, and her saying that newer knitters didn't like them because of "humpitis" could be one thing...seriously it is not the garter tab that causes the hump in many shawls, it's the increase rate and where the increases are placed that causes the problem!  Or they are "hard to do"...I have a simple solution, a provisional cast on without waste yarn, just a single circular needle (which in most cases you will need due to the number of stitches in a shawl).

Pattern repeats that involve moving markers...this is more for the designers than the many cases that can be avoided by changing where the pattern repeat happens...would anyone care about that?

Or books I am reading? I just finished This Poison Heart by Kaylnn Bayron and  am anxiously awaiting the sequel...I wonder if my Angel's Trumpets are in her poison garden?

And while TDQ didn't a knitter the fact that it is set in Rhinebeck!?!?

Or real life stuff?  Like what's for dinner?  Veggie Kababs, thanks for asking!


I think that part of the reason blogging fell off my radar much of it is putting on a good face when, let's face it, the world is on fire and none of us is really all right!  Me no less than anyone else.

So let me I just talking to myself (and a stalker or two...yeah I see you) or should I actually put relevant content here?


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wip Wednesday


Just a few things on my needles...

But none of them are being worked on today, today was all about a swatch.  A swatch, that unfortunately did not behave so it is back to charting and "mathing" for me!

How's your Wednesday?


Monday, August 16, 2021

Time is an Illusion, doubly so at lunchtime!

I started this post on Thursday, fully intending to publish it at the same time as I published a new pattern on Friday...and somehow time got away from me!

Introducing...Sudden Down Pour.

This generously sized, heart shaped, shawl is another piece inspired by rain.  Her sister piece, I am the Storm, was supposed to be the last in a series but jumped the queue and ended up being published first; which I supposed makes this one the second in the series.

Starting with a small garter tab, this shawl gains most of her size in a twisted garter stitch body, then ends with a "sudden down pour" of lace raindrops and beads.

Available all the usual places...Ravelry, Payhip, and Love Crafts this shawl combines a simple to knit body, suitable for working on anywhere and any-when (Zoom meetings was a favorite for one of my test knitters), the beaded lace does require a bit more attention, and the beaded bind off adds plenty of weight to the piece so it doesn't fly off your shoulders.

As always, my newsletter subscribers got a special discount on the pattern, so if patterns like this are ones that you would love, sign up for my newsletter here and you'll sporadically get an email with a special discount code!

In other news, lots of gardening and more importantly garden clean up has been happening.  That's probably where all the time I am missing ran off to!

And some knitting happened, too!

Until next time...

Knit Happy!


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Did You See? A not silent post

Late Friday afternoon was pretty exciting day for latest pattern was published on Knotions!

My most ambitious charting/designing project yet, The Root of One drew its inspiration from two sources; the notebooks that early naturalists would carry with them while exploring the world with their hand written notes and hastily, yet incredibly detailed, drawings of plants and animals and old fashioned traditional knitted doilies.

I love knitting doilies, but don't actually use them for anything.  They just sit in a box, hopefully not, collecting dust.  But a shawl that hugs my shoulders and doesn't need a shawl pin to stay put is something that I will always reach for!

Before you click the "buy now" button on either Ravelry or Knotions, I would like to suggest the subscription button (only on Knotions).  Not only do you get that pattern, but all the patterns in the issue and a ton of tutorials!  (Some of which I might have suggested to the editor as things that I think that knitters would be interested in learning or having a tutorial on.)

As always, working with Knotions and their team (tech editor, photographer and model) is a joy!

Photo credit for all but the first picture goes to Kellie Nuss Photography, modeled by the fabulous Maureen Nicholl, doesn't she look happy in that final picture?)


Until next time....Knit Happy!



Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I lost an entire month!

 What can I say...nothing I suppose.

Lovecrafts had some kind of hiccup with my May new release pattern, which we eventually got sorted out but then...gardening and deck repairs took up a bunch of time.

DD's office moved from Grove City (2 miles away from DS2's job) to Dublin and we had to learn new routines...and bless them, but could ODOT please get through the renovations to the I-71 to I-270 ramps sometime soon?

While I get my act together...let me distract you with an "act" that grabbed my attention (thanks to The Shows Must Go On)

I've been annoying my family for ages with the entire album on repeat.

Maybe this week, or probably not next... DD has vacation time and wants to redecorate her room.  She ordered a much nicer wallpaper than she currently has...and I am the wallpaper expert "in house" so I will get to install it.

I did get some "stunt knitting" done....I have the fanciest canopy to a swing-set tower you ever saw!

Until next time...whenever that might be...Knit On!